Navigating UI/UX Design Interviews

Date: June 27, 2021
Time: 16:00

Key Learning Objectives

In this masterclass session, we will discuss;

  • Preparing your portfolio
  • Documenting your experiences as a UI/UX designer
  • Transitioning from Freelance to Full-time 
  • Common questions to expect and how to answer them
  • Negotiating pay (as a first-timer, freelancer, with some job experience )

Mosope Adebowale

UX Designer, KPMG Canada

Mosope is a user experience designer who is fascinated by the relationship between human interaction and technology. Much of his work has been dedicated to designing better user experiences for products. His long-term goal is to make technology easy to use and accessible to everyone. When Mosope is not designing, you can find him drumming, watching anime and exploring around the country.