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Build products that solve real problems at scale in Africa. We put you on a strategic and flexible roadmap to being a Product Leader by learning from African Product Leaders.

Where our Trainees work

The Bootcamp enlightened me to various skills and techniques I may not have taken cognisance of in the digital product space. Hands-on practical activities of knowledge imparted further enhanced my assimilation. Interactions with team mates (or course mates) was definitely a huge cap to the boot camp
Product Management
Mojolaade Adegbite
Product Management Bootcamp | Cohort III

Why Product Management

  • The world is riddled with problems and Africa is a hotspot, hence there will always be a need to create a solution that can be amplified with technology. Product Managers help create a path and lead cross-functional teams to create solutions that cut across the spectrum of human endeavour (not just tech)


  • Product Management is the 4th best job based on earning potential, overall job satisfaction rating, and the number of job openings (which is growing 29% year on year). People transitioning into PM usually come from UI/UX, Marketing, Data, Coding, Sales and Others – even as far as music.


  • The global average salary for a Product Manager with less than 2yrs experience is $74k and it only gets as high as you can imagine.

What you will learn

Learn the process of building products that people love and look forward to using every day.

It is a challenging process that requires you to be skilful in areas like prioritization, road mapping, communication, empathy and some more. Many of these skills can be learned but you need to master all through application and that is where our approach comes in.

Our Approach

100% Virtual with a touch of physical engagement. We teach you the basic concepts, reinforce them with some hands-on experience via teamwork and inspire you to create continuity with the community.


Create winning product strategies

Learn to differentiate your product and business from your competitors with the right strateg

Master the Art of Agile Documentation for Products

Learn how to document better for every stage of your product development life cycle.

Build Great Products for Africa

Learn and practice the core skills needed to get you going on your product management journey

What students say about this course

Having taken several product management courses and degrees e.g. Udacity Product Management Nanodegree, Product School Masterclasses etc.), I finally found what I was looking for. A fully practical course that showed the realities of Product Management in Nigeria. This boot camp helped to solidify my skills and helped me to gain practical experience.
Product Management
Oluwagbemiga Adeniji
Product Management Bootcamp | Cohort I
Treford Bootcamp made my June memorable when they gave the opportunity to about product management through the scholarship. From the very first session to the last was an eye-opener. It really took me out of my comfort zone and I'm definitely going to advance my interest in it.
Product Management
Anthony Oyakilome
Product Management Bootcamp | Cohort II
My key takeaway from the Bootcamp is the fact that the instructors demystified the concept of product management and made it easily relatable for a newbie like me. The case study/group activity was really engaging and the participatory learning style crowned it all up for me.
Product Management
Stephanie Etiaka
Product Management Bootcamp | Cohort III

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